Kids Celebration


Show tmes 1, 3, & 5 pm every day!

Kids Celebration’s goal is to enrich families through high energy, fun-filled, interactive games. Dr. Bill Buchanan, the creator of Kids Celebration, has a passion to reconnect families through a fun-filled event kclogo2016where they can laugh and learn together.

Shows three time a day, in our Mahindra Arena, Kids Celebration is comprised of multiple teams that are available to bring this awesome program to your fair, cruise, or corporate event. Families in today’s society do not laugh and play enough together. We believe it is vital that we have more positive interaction in our families. We strongly support the idea, “Families that play together, stay together”. Kids Celebration has traveled all across the United States as well as internationally conducting more than a 160 programs a year.

FREE with your Fair admission!