Meet Your Returning 2019 Ambassadors

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Taylor Rubalcaba: This is Taylor Rubalcaba’s 3rd year  as Mesa County fair ambassador.  Taylor will be a Senior at Central High School. He is involved in many activities like band, 4H, JROTC and was accepted in the Colorado State Patrol Youth Academy this summer. Taylor looks forward to enjoying the family fun activities and fair food at the 2019 Mesa County Fair and hopes everyone will join him!

Garret Dupper is a Colorado native who has spent his entire life on a small farm in Western Colorado. For his education he attended Intermountain Adventist Academy followed by Life Academy and then onto Union College in Lincoln, NE where he currently is. He is majoring in Biology with a minor in Chemistry and emphasis in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. When back home on the farm he enjoys working with the animals. He currently has three red Border Collies, Ellie May, Hank, and Reba, a Blue Heeler, Dutchess, nine gerbils, two goats, fish, chickens, a cat, and two registered Quarter Horse mares, Co-coa a sorrel, and Turtle a Palomino. When not caring for these animals, plus the many others on the farm, he enjoys competing in Ranch Sorting events. Another hobby of his is collecting model horses. And of course he loves the Mesa County Fair and is excited for its arrival once again and he hopes to see you there, Where Hard Work Meets Fun!

Tommy Somerville was born and raised in Grand Junction Colorado, Tommy is currently enrolled at Fruita Monument High School where he is a Sophomore. Tommy is also enrolled at Career Center where he is studying small engines and how to repair them. Tommy is currently enrolled in 4-H for his 8th year and is now enrolled in the Fruita FFA for his first year. Tommy has shown Horses for the last 7 years in 4-H. Tommy is apart of the Tri River Area Horse Judging Team. Tommy has also shot archery and has qualified for the state team for the last 2 years Tommy has shown sheep for the past 6 years in 4-H he also has his own herd of sheep. This year Tommy is apart of the catch-a-heifer program through 4-H and the Cattlemen’s association. Tommy lives on his family’s farm where they raise quarter horses and is starting to grow a cattle herd along with Tommy’s sheep herd. Tommy likes to hunt, fish, and repair vehicles. Tommy is super excited to meet new people and to learn how the fair works.

Sydney Camp is 18 years old and just graduated from Mesa Valley Community School.  This is Sydney’s second year being an ambassador, and she is very excited about this opportunity. She moved to Grand Junction six years ago from Lakewood Colorado. She grew up on a small farm where her passion for the outdoors and working with animals began. It was because of this passion she got involved with her local 4-H and she has continued working hard in the program ever since. She is also a diligent student who took classes at Colorado Mesa University throughout her high school years to prepare herself for her future. She will start her first semester of college this fall at University of Wyoming, where she will be working on a pre-veterinary degree. In her spare time she participates in several sports, is on a marksmanship team, volunteers many weekends with the Mesa County Search and Rescue Dog Team, and of course gets her animals ready for the fair. She has many fond memories from the fair and cannot wait to get more involved with the Ambassador program. Her experiences working with a variety of people, working as a team, and passion for the fair with make her a great asset to the Ambassador program.

Grace Gardner is 19, and will be serving as an Ambassador for the second time this summer. She was born and raised here in Grand Junction, and has just finished her freshman year of college at Colorado Mesa University, where she is studying biology with the intention to pursue a degree in agriculture. When not performing her duties as an Ambassador, Grace works full time as a vegetable intern at the Western Colorado Research Station, planting and maintaining fields of vegetables which will eventually be distributed to food banks around the grand valley. Most of her spare time is spent feeding, caring for, and enjoying her menagerie of animals, spending time with her family and friends, and participating in a research project with a biology professor on campus at CMU. Her journey toward being a fair ambassador began in 2006 when she joined 4-H. Over the years she participated in rabbit, chicken, goat, horse, veterinary science and cake projects and served in many various leadership positions in her 4-H clubs. It was through 4-H that Grace learned about the Ambassador program, and she is beyond excited to be able to serve her community and promote the Mesa County Fair in this capacity again!

Brooke Hahn, a second-year ambassador, has been involved with 4-H since she was eight, but her love of all things feathered started long before that. Brooke is an honors high school student and currently taking college-level classes through CSU Global. After high school, she plans to finish her Bachelors in Biology. She then hopes to further her education with masters and possibly a doctorate in Ornithology and then work in the area of conservation. She has been breeding chickens and call ducks for 6 years, developing her own lines of high-quality show birds. She owns geese, pigeons, and pheasants as well. Brooke is also an avid photographer. She has had pieces hung at the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art, the Denver Art Society, was recently a finalist in a global photography contest for high school and college students and a finalist in the 2018 Photographers Forum Best of Photography publication. Having many fond memories from past fairs, Brooke hopes she can help to make your fair just as memorable as hers.

Chance Miller Chance Miller was born here in the Grand Valley and is the eldest of 4 siblings. He currently attends Mesa Valley Community School as a freshman in high school. In his spare time, he enjoys learning about history, reading, and taking care of his family’s animals.

Several years ago, he had a small backyard flock of chickens and really enjoyed them. As a result, he now raises, breeds and shows Buckeye chickens. He especially loves to participate in showmanship with his birds. This is a large part of why he is involved in 4-H, as he gets to show his birds and learns how to show them better in the 4-H program. Last year, he raised sheep and sold them at the livestock auction in addition to his birds.

Fencing is another interest of his. Chance has fenced for the last 5 years and intends to continue fencing as long as he can. He has recently started to travel to Salt Lake City and Denver to compete in tournaments at these locations. He even competed in the 2019 Jr. Olympics and learned a tremendous amount!

Chance intends to attend college and hopes to pursue a Bachelor’s degree. After graduating from college, he is planning to enter the field of law.

Brooke Pettit is sixteen years old, and a first year Ambassador. God has blessed her in many ways in various stages of her life. First, she lived in Utah, then Brooke and her family moved to Colorado where they experienced a new series of blessings.

She grew up with her wrangler brothers in Bicknell, Utah: an itty bitty town very few people have heard of. In Utah, she went from hardly walking, to playing incessantly outside with siblings, learning to both milk a goat and bottle feed its baby, riding pigs, throwing pumpkins at her brothers’ heads from barn roofs, and most of all, loving life. After that chapter of life ended, Brooke and her family packed up their gang and moved to the city!! Who would have thought so many buildings could fit on one street! Here, her ignorance faded, and she realized how small she was in little Grand Junction.  

A few miles west, in Glade Park, CO, she discovered that she wants to live for Jesus. So, as she has come to love animals (cats and horses in particular), the mountains, the city, clothes, friends, acting, piano, whatever it may be. It all points her back to the Lord. Is it glorifying the Creator? Thus, a trying year of 4-H became an inspiration to keep going no matter what. Now she sees Fair as an excellent opportunity to work hard and grow. She desires to promote this process by becoming a Fair Ambassador. What could be better than helping others in a growing, learning journey while loving on her animals?? After many stages of life, she can do nothing but stand in awe and thanks.

Justin Gumone is 18 and is serving his first year as a Mesa County Fair Ambassador. Justin was born and raised in Grand Junction, CO and loves all things outdoors. When he isn’t hunting, fishing or camping, Justin can be found participating in the many activities that keep him busy. Justin is an Eagle Scout and also takes part in voluminous community service. Justin has been a member of 4-H for 7 years. He shoots shotgun and has gone to state 3 times. He also shows beef, lambs, poultry and game birds at the fair. Justin graduated from the International Baccalaureate program at Palisade High School and will be attending the University of Wyoming majoring in animal and veterinary science with the intention of attending CSU for Vet school. Justin is excited for the many opportunities and experiences that life will bring as well as looking forward to this year’s fair.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why YOU Should Become A Mesa County Fair Ambassador

By Garret Dupper

  • It boosts self-confidence
  • Aids in public speaking
  • Improves leadership skills
  • Promotes working as a team
  • Opens new opportunities
  • Improves people skills
  • Teaches you about advertising
  • You can be a mentor to those coming up
  • Application & Interview experience
  • People have gotten scholarships solely for being an Ambassador
  • Prepares you for the future
  • You get to be on TV and the radio
  • Give back to the community
  • Make new friends
  • It is a ton of fun

I have been a Mesa County Fair Ambassador the past four years. I have learned a lot of things and I am very grateful for the program. I have had a lot of fun doing it in the past and I want you to be able to get stuff out of it as I have. That is why it would be really awesome if you did apply and we were able to work together serving the community.

What is an Ambassador?

Ambassadors are the face – and sometimes the voice – of the Mesa County Fair. Folks who come to the Fair may ask you questions. You’ll also have opportunities for TV and radio interviews, will appear (as a group) on our TV ads, and may be asked to represent the fair at service club meetings and other events. Plus you get to help organize some of the fun events and contests!  Each year is a bit different as opportunities arise to promote the Fair.

Thank you for your interest, the deadline to apply to be a Mesa County Fair Ambassador has passed. Contact us in February of 2020!

In the meantime take a look at our Ambassador FAQ below…

Do I have to cover any costs to be an ambassador? Is there an application fee?

The ambassadors provide their own black hat, the Fair provides the band for guys and hat tiara for girls. Ambassador Shirts provided; there is no application fee.

What exactly do I have to do as an Ambassador?

You will be the face – and sometimes the voice – of the Mesa County Fair. Folks who come to the Fair may ask you questions and you’ll help to organize some of the fun events such as contests. You’ll also have opportunities for TV and radio interviews, will appear (as a group) on our TV ads, and may be asked to represent the fair at service club meetings and other events. Each year is a bit different as opportunities arise to promote the Fair.

Do I have to pay for the professional photography that is used for Ambassadors?

Absolutely not, the Fair covers all of these costs.

Do I have to be a member of 4-H or FFA?

No, just an interest and passion for our community – and our Fair!

Do I have to have a driver’s license?

No, but you do need to have reliable, prompt transportation to and from interviews, scheduled appearances, or events.

How many hours am I expected to commit?

As we prepare for our Fair, only a few hours a month is required, however, the month of July is very busy. We work hard to accommodate our Ambassador’s schedules, but 5-15 hours a week the two weeks before the Fair and 20-30 hours the week of the Fair may not be unusual.

Will there be training?

Yes, our very own Dixie Burmeister will conduct training sessions to prepare you for interacting with the public, interviews by the media, and appearances on both TV and radio. It’s not only fun, but past Ambassadors have said that this training is excellent preparation for jobs and college requirements!

How many TV and radio interviews will there be?

We try to include as many of the Ambassadors as we can on all of our schedules. In previous years, almost all of our Ambassadors have been included. Your own availability is a large factor in this scheduling, so the more you’re available, the more you’ll be included. However, we are sensitive to the fact that not everyone is comfortable in front of a microphone or camera, and we do make allowances for this.

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