Comedy and Magic with Crazy Mike V

Daily Grounds Act

Crazy Mike V is bringing Magic & Comedy to life at the Mesa County Fairgrounds in Grand Junction!

The Kansas City Courier Tribune says, 

Getting a press release from Mike Van De Carr is worth reading. The pitch is about this entertainer named Simple Simon, the Village Idiot. Meeting the humorist and magician face to face is a delight, too.

His website states, your next event:

..will be the Most Successful… Engaging… Fast-Paced… Interactive… Outside-The-Box event. People will talk about it for days, weeks, months, possibly years. Absolutely Guaranteed!

An energizing performance! Hilarious situations, fast-paced, high energy, clean comedy! Plus an amazing, amusing and mystifying magic and mysteries of the mind performance. Mike delivers the highest level of sleight-of-hand magic. 

Come enjoy him daily at the Mesa County Fair July 17th – 20th! 

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