Admission to the 2019 Mesa County Fair is FREE on Saturday thanks to FCI Constructors, Inc.

Demo Derby powered by Pacific Steel and Recycling Saturday, July 20th | Gates 5pm show 6pm!

Come watch the car crunching action of the Demolition Derby at the 2019 Mesa County Fair in Grand Junction!

While rules vary from event to event, a typical demolition derby event consists of five or more drivers competing by deliberately ramming their vehicles into one another. Sounds like fun right!?

The last driver whose vehicle is still operational is awarded the victory.  

T-Shirt Launch 5:45pm

National Anthem 5:55pm

Demo Derby 6pm-9pm

Ticket Prices Prior to July 20th

Children | Senior | Military $15

Adult GA $20

Gold Buckle (seats with backs) $25 

After July 20th

Children | Senior | Military $20

Adult GA $25

Gold Buckle (seats with backs) $30  

Schedule subject to change

Enter your ATV or Vehicle by completing the entry form online or by downloading the form and mailing them to:

RCrash4Cash 210 W. 4th Street Rifle, CO 81650

The Demo Derby returns to the Mesa County Fair Saturday, July 20th!!

Demolition Derby by Mackenzie Dodge

One of my FAVORITE events at the Mesa County Fair is the Demo Derby powered by Impact Promotional Products!

You know that rage you feel in traffic when someone cuts you off? Don’t bottle it up, grab a sturdy vehicle and join us for the Demo Derby Saturday, July 20th at the Mesa County Fair!

How often are you encouraged to, “HIT EM’ AGAIN!”? This is the one event where you can ram a guy (or gal) as hard as you want, as much as you want, and NOT get a ticket!

This event features a free-for-all style derby held in a mud pit. The car & driver that are the last standing are the WINNER!

Some people run for the prize money, but most of our competitors are in it for the fun and just come for the crash.

You’ll see everything from trucks, station wagons, to a pink 76 Pontiac, dubbed Miss Pink Panther, for the first demolition derby of her life.

During my past Demo Derby experiences, I have personally driven my mom’s wagon, a Subaru, and a tough truck. I’ll NEVER forget ‘Big Sexy’. A Big guy in a BIG station wagon, the kind you rolled around in the back of as a kid (if you’re as old as me). Big Sexy had a bullseye on me from the start and dang near disabled my vehicle on the first hit, but another car deflected the shot and I ended up on the opposite side of the arena from him for most of the event, but eventually everyone was down around us… he had a straight and clear shot from one end of the arena into my once trusty stead, which was sure to land its death shot. As he revved his engine for effect, I tried to break my stick (to show I have given up) but alas the darn thing wouldn’t crack! This was going to hurt-I braced for impact as Big Sexy gunned it across the mud, and all I could see was his smile as he CRUSHED my vehicle and my hopes of a first-time win.

By far the MOST fun you can have driving a car!

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