Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you bring in outside food or drinks?

A. Sorry, you cannot bring in food or drinks for a couple of reasons. First, we want to make certain all of the 4-H animals are safe and are not given any “outside” food, their diets are pretty regulated and controlled. Second, we have a lot of vendors with reasonably priced food and beverages for you to enjoy.

Q. Can you bring strollers?

A. Absolutely!

Q. Do we have wheelchairs?

A. Yes, Grand Mesa Medical is our wheelchair sponsor and generously provides wheelchairs for the week of Fair. Wheelchairs are available at the Entrance Gate, there is a simple form to fill out before you are on your way.

Q. Why is the Fair held in July – during some really hot days!

A. We get this question a lot, and there are several reasons. We have only a short window of time (a few weeks from mid-July to mid-August) to host the Fair in order to allow local exhibitors to qualify for the State Fair, which happens in late August. We try to make sure we are not hosting our Fair the same week as neighboring counties, but most Fairs all around the state are held during this time.

Q. Is there a Lost and Found area for the Fair?

A.  Lost & Found items can be turned in or inquired about at the Ticket Booth located outside the main entrance to the Fair.  The staff of Monumental Events will assist in locating or documenting lost items, following the week of Fair, the Lost & Found items will be at the Mesa County Fairgrounds Office 970-255-7107

Q, Is it true that my dog is not welcome at the Mesa County Fair this year? I see people walking their dogs all the time at the Fairgrounds, why not at the Fair?

A. It is true. Fairgrounds staff and the Executive Fair Board are asking people NOT to bring their dogs to the Mesa County Fair. This does not include exhibition, performance, or health-related working animals, this request will only be effective during the Fair.

This decision has been made for numerous reasons. First, we are trying to consider the health and well being of not only dogs entering the Fair but the other animals which will be here on exhibit during the week. This will prevent any possible confrontations. Other reasons include clean-up concerns, hot black top pavement, and of course the heat! Please do not leave your animals in the car–hot cars kill animals in minutes.

The Fair has grown dramatically in the past view years, and our crowds have grown in number too and these packed environments are not the best places for dogs to be and anxiety and temperament may change unexpectedly. While we all love our animals and it is fun to take them with us, this is safer for both dogs and Fair-goers.

On the brighter side, during the Fair days you are more than welcome to come take a walk in the Lions Club Park with your furry friend, the park is located on the west end of our facility.

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