Thanks to Nicole Marie Photography for this years background photo!

Goat Yoga!

What is Goat Yoga?

According to GoatYoga.com

It is different things for different people. I’ve heard it described as “calm”, “therapy”, “zen”, and just plain “happiness.” However, there is one recurrent description…”unexpected.” Unexpected certainly describes my path to Goat Yoga. What started as a birthday party on a summer day in 2016 quickly grew into a global sensation with classes springing up worldwide. I would certainly like to take credit for the phenomena, but the truth is it is occurring for one reason…Goat Yoga is Animal-Assisted Therapy in a natural setting with an unexpectedly (there’s that word again) smart, social, and profoundly cuddly animal. It’s not a cancer cure, but it IS an unbelievable distraction from politics, work, stress, sickness or depression.

Do you train your goats to participate in Goat Yoga classes? We don’t…we believe in letting goats be goats, and doing (within reason) what they want. They might jump on your back, stare into your soul, burp in your ear, or give goat hugs (trust me, it’s a thing). Most often they’ll just lay down on your yoga mat and snuggle up next to you…juuuuust as you perfect your pose. These goats are my babies, and most are rescues, so I strive to ensure they lead the best lives possible while sharing that sense of calm that makes them so special. Dressing them in costumes or coercing them to do things they aren’t inclined to do is more about people pulling the goats into their world for amusement than people experiencing the goat in theirs.

Join us Thursday and Friday, July 26th & 27th at 11 am to experience it for yourself! $18 to participate.

Thanks to Nicole Marie Photography for this years background photo!

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