Applications for the 2019 Mesa County Fair                      

Get in front of a potential 64,000 NEW customers!

“Having Fun Since 1887” The Mesa County Fair is an annual celebration of the county, its residents, community and history. The Fair creates an environment that promotes the diversity of the area and features family oriented entertainment, educational opportunities and is a showcase of local products and services.

Making a difference for tomorrow, today!
As a food or beverage vendor, you can help by committing to eliminate Styrofoam from your drink or food services.

If you choose to use alternative products that are reusable or recyclable for your service, the Mesa County Solid Waste team will cover $100 of your vendor fee.

That’s right; Mesa County Solid Waste will cover $100 of your vendor fees!

If you agree to use other methods such as plastic bottles, cans, paper plates and paper container for your food service, instead of Styrofoam, this is an alternative that pays.

We all need to do our part in preserving our environment for future generations.

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