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Meet Last Years Ambassadors

Lauren Klenda from KREX News Channel 5  hosted ALL six of this year’s Mesa County Fair Ambassadors LIVE in studio, for a sneak peak at what you can expect at this years fair! Take a look…

Destiny Hoselton: 
Destiny is a 17 year old, junior at Central High School, this will be her first year as a Mesa County Fair Ambassador. She comes with a willingness to help anywhere she is needed, to work with new ambassadors as a team and to complete the tasks assigned to them. She will make a great addition to the team. Destiny participates in an Equine Club at Central High School. She is huge into animals and wants to become a veterinarian. She really likes to help the community become a better place. She likes to hunt, fish, and go camping with family and friends in her free time. She also has previously participated in 4-H, and plans on doing it again. Her dogs play a huge role in her life and she spends a lot of time with them.
Taylor Rubalcaba:
This is Taylor Rubalcaba’s 3rd year  as Mesa County fair ambassador.  Taylor will be a Senior at Central High School. He is involved in many activities like band, 4H, JROTC and was accepted in the Colorado State Patrol Youth Academy this summer. Taylor looks forward to enjoying the family fun activities and fair food at the  2017 Mesa County Fair and hopes everyone will join him!
Brandon Wesley Huff:

Brandon is a very resourceful, and reliable person to have on hand. He does what is asked of him in a timely manner and works well with others. His experience includes working for the police department, and working some construction jobs. He is good at putting a plan into action and delegating to others what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. He is also very involved in his church, and attends the youth group regularly. Also, he participates, and helps run the food and clothing ministry on Wednesday nights. He organizes and stocks the shelves in the “food room” and has been trusted to work by himself with access to all doors and rooms. He has shown himself to be a trustworthy individual, who completes all tasks all the way and will do each task to the best of his ability. He is a tremendous help to those around him and takes direction and correction well; and puts those things into practice. He also uses what he has learned to try and help others in similar positions. Overall, he is a very trustworthy and hard-working individual who is a great help for any team of people. He will do everything as good as he can or will find someone to help, or that is better qualified to handle the situation.

Cora Lemon:

Cora Lemon is a recent graduate of Palisade High School. She has been involved in 4-H for nine years. Growing up on a small hobby farm, Cora has a big passion for agriculture. Cora is a co-owner of her family’s swine breeding business, LX Show Pigs. This is Cora’s first year as a Mesa County Fair Ambassador. Cora is currently employed by the City of Grand Junction as a Lifeguard. Cora enjoys being outdoors, with her animals, swimming, and painting. Cora is from a big family, she is the second eldest of six children. In the fall Cora will attend Rocky Mountain Center for Ortho Bionomy learning a holistic approach to healing physical trauma. In the future she also hopes to start a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm to further help serving her community. 

Garret Dupper:

He was born in the year of 1999 here in Grand Junction, Colorado in St. Mary’s Hospital. He spent the first four years of life growing and learning on their farm on the outskirts of Grand Junction. In the fall of 2003 he started Preschool at Intermountain Adventist Academy where he continued to go to until he graduated the 8th grade in 2014. After graduating out of Intermountain Adventist Academy he started the 9 th grade at Life Academy where he continues to attend. In the year of 2011 he started 4-H when a friend of his asked if he would be interested in doing 4-H with her. He was very interested and soon began an exciting, fun, educational, new adventure in the horse 4-H project. The first year of 4-H he did not show his horse because his parents and 4-H leader felt he was ready, so he continued to work and was able to show the following year. The year after that he stayed in the novice division since he got a new horse, but he passed his level 1 test the following year and started a new adventure as a senior. Two years ago he passed his Level 2 Ranch test as well as being an Ambassador for the first time. This year he is continuing to be in the horse project and self determined project. Also this year he is the Reporter/Historian for the Mesa County 4-H Council. In October of 2015 he was hired as a part time kennel tech. He started working at Amigo Animal Clinic later that month. He has enjoyed watching and assisting in several surgeries and procedures such as an emergency C-section and an autopsy on a horse. While working there he has learned a lot of important medical related things that will benefit me as he plan to go to college to be a veterinarian. In his free time he enjoys working with his mare, Cocoa and Border Collie, Ellie May. He also enjoys collecting Breyer and Peter Stone model horses. More recently he has started raising gerbils for a local pet store. Fair is another one of his favorite things, and he look forward to it once again this year.

Ashley Teal:

Ashley Teal is 18 years old, and recently graduated from Central High School with a 4.5 GPA. In high school, Ashley played basketball and violin. She will be attending Colorado Mesa University on a full ride, planning to major in Biology with a minor in Wildlife Management. Ashley plans to be a game warden after college. This will be her 4th year as a Mesa County Fair Ambassador. Ashley participates heavily in 4-H, especially shooting sports. This will be her 9th year in 4-H. This year she is showing lambs. She is also participating in cake decorating, scrapbooking, archery, shotgun, and muzzleloading. Ashley has competed in shooting sports at the local, state, and national level. One year, she received 7th place in the nation Outdoor Skill Discipline. Outside of 4-H, Ashley shoots archery and shotgun competitively. She participates in the Scholastic Clay Target Program for shotgun and is involved in many archery organizations. She has also competed at local, state, and world events in these disciplines. She is on a pro staff for an archery equipment company. Ashley is super excited for this years fair, and can’t wait for new memories to be created!on.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Ambassador?

Ambassadors are the face – and sometimes the voice – of the Mesa County Fair. Folks who come to the Fair may ask you questions. You’ll also have opportunities for TV and radio interviews, will appear (as a group) on our TV ads, and may be asked to represent the fair at service club meetings and other events. Plus you get to help organize some of the fun events and contests!  Each year is a bit different as opportunities arise to promote the Fair.

Thank you for your interest, the deadline to apply to be a Mesa County Fair Ambassador has passed. Contact us in February of 2018!

In the meantime take a look at our Ambassador FAQ below…

Do I have to cover any costs to be an ambassador? Is there an application fee?

The ambassadors provide their own black hat, the Fair provides the band for guys and hat tiara for girls. Ambassador Shirts provided; there is no application fee.

What exactly do I have to do as an Ambassador?

You will be the face – and sometimes the voice – of the Mesa County Fair. Folks who come to the Fair may ask you questions and you’ll help to organize some of the fun events such as contests. You’ll also have opportunities for TV and radio interviews, will appear (as a group) on our TV ads, and may be asked to represent the fair at service club meetings and other events. Each year is a bit different as opportunities arise to promote the Fair.

Do I have to pay for the professional photography that is used for Ambassadors?

Absolutely not, the Fair covers all of these costs.

Do I have to be a member of 4H or FFA?

No, just an interest and passion for our community – and our Fair!

Do I have to have a driver’s license?

No, but you do need to have reliable, prompt transportation to and from interviews, scheduled appearances, or events.

How many hours am I expected to commit?

As we prepare for our Fair, only a few hours a month is required, however, the month of July is very busy. We work hard to accommodate our Ambassador’s schedules, but 5-15 hours a week the two weeks before the Fair and 20-30 hours the week of the Fair may not be unusual.

Will there be training?

Yes, our very own Dixie Burmeister will conduct training sessions to prepare you for interacting with the public, interviews by the media, and appearances on both TV and radio. It’s not only fun, but past Ambassadors have said that this training is excellent preparation for jobs and college requirements!

How many TV and radio interviews will there be?

We try to include as many of the Ambassadors as we can on all of our schedules. In previous years, almost all of our Ambassadors have been included. Your own availability is a large factor in this scheduling, so the more you’re available, the more you’ll be included. However, we are sensitive to the fact that not everyone is comfortable in front of a microphone or camera, and we do make allowances for this.

Thanks to the Epic Escape Game for letting out Ambassadors work on their team building skills!

Thanks to the Epic Escape Game for hosting team building with our 2017 Mesa County Ambassadors!

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