The Mesa County Cattleman’s Working Ranch Rodeo

presented by Murdoch’s!

Participating in Grandstand Events, the Carnival or Wine Tasting requires the purchase of tickets for those activities & ticket prices go up at the gate.

The Mesa County Fair brings the excitement of the Working Ranch Rodeo to Grand Junction Friday July 27th ONLY!

Working Ranch Rodeo brings you right into the action! Top professional competitors will thrill you in there timed events! 

Wikipedia descibes a Ranch Rodeo as:

ranch rodeo is a traditional type of rodeo in which teams of cowboys or cowgirls from different ranches compete against each other in events based on the type of work they do every day.[1]

Ranch rodeos differ from the more common PRCA-style rodeos in several ways. For starters, the contestants are not professional rodeo cowboys; instead, they are usually full-time ranch hands who compete in annual ranch rodeos for fun and for bragging rights.[2] The events in ranch rodeos are more similar to the tasks commonly performed on a ranch, and the equipment and tack used are the same as those used during everyday ranch work.[3] Instead of competing as individuals, the contestants in ranch rodeos compete as a team representing the ranch they work for.[4] Though there are often individual awards such as “Top Hand” and “Top Horse,”[5] the main prize is for the top overall ranch team.[6]

For more information about the Working Ranch Rodeo please email questions and entry information to: [email protected]

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